Because I [know] you, my life has changed for good...

Gals (and to the few guys out there)! It has been officially one year since Sensory Speechies changed our lives ~ for the better. We have always loved to craft and laminate together (seriously... we had weekly [yes, weekly] laminating Bachelor parties) but we took our creativity and slowly started making our own products. Initially, this outlet became our safe and supportive bubble that we needed as we were both working in the same clinic that we wwwweren't exactly happy at. After hours of research and gathering our own data, we realized our kiddos were making gains in their language that we hadn't seen before. There it is folks, that is how Sensory Speechies was created and why we wanted to intertwine both sensory and language together. While this year has created so many different opportunities for us, it also led us to self reflect on the company as a whole.

You don't even want to know how many shots it took to get one photo we agreed one.

Being self reflective gets engrained in us, especially throughout grad school and clinical placements. I don't know about you, but self critiquing myself was and still is HARD! In my first ever clinical, my supervisor always asked me at the end of the session: tell me 3 things you did good and 3 things that need improvement. Do you know many things I could think of were bad? A million! And how many things I think I did well in? Zero. Even though at one point it was my least favorite thing to do, it is now something we do on a daily basis with the help of visuals, self-reflection questions and graphic organizers. With that being said, we both thought long and hard about the vision we want for this company. What did we do that was successful? What wasn't so successful?

There will be some changes we are going to make and different avenues we want to take! However, the both of us are SO grateful for the followers we have built up in the last year. We were surprised when 1 person followed, let alone over the 1,000 individuals that have enjoyed our content thus far. The speech and language therapy community is truly the best!


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