Got Toilet Paper Rolls?

Earth day will be here before you know it! We love this holiday, as it reminds us to just stop our busy routines and appreciate the beautiful world around us. While the quarantine situation isn't ideal, it's actually the perfect time to realize how much we take everything for granted. Maybe it's the daily drive through the mountains or the salty air coursing through your hair during your morning run on the beach. The world around us is so beautiful, and it's clear through posts on Facebook and Instagram that we miss being able to freely enjoy it. However, have you stopped to think how we can better protect it? We love teaching our students these concepts, so we wanted to share some easy activities to do at home or over the computer!

Hands-On Activities

Earth Day Freebie

You're probably wondering why our title asks about toilet paper rolls, yet we haven't even mentioned anything about them. Well this is why ~ we figured since everyone is hoarding TP then they must be going through TP like crazy! Rather than recycle them, might as well reuse them. A freebie in our TPT store shares three activities to do at home: 1) make your own binoculars, 2) planting seeds, 3) spotting objects and/or animals you see outside, that you also see in the pictured scene (to make it more challenging, we added the attribute wheel that the child can use to describe the object/animal they spot). Click here to check it out!

Earth Day No -Prep Worksheets: Language & Articulation

These awesome no-prep worksheets targets:

- synonyms

- antonyms

- homophones

- Earth day vocabulary

- categorization

- comparing and contrasting-

- opposites- phonological awareness skills

- /k, g, t, d/ in all position of words

Click here to check it out.

Earth Day Interactive Pronoun Book 2020!

This product contains a special Earth Day themed interactive book designed to target pronouns: he, she, they! Your kiddos have to help reduce, reuse, and recycle 10 different items while learning ways to help save the Earth! This book can target both receptive and expressive language skills depending on how you structure the activity. Click here to check it out.

Digital Activities

If you've read our previous post (Free BOOM cards), you know how much we love digital products, especially now that our world has flipped upside down. Our Earth Day Digital Activities TPT product will be perfect to use for teletherapy (i.e. for platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet) or distant learning. Picture choices and arrows are clickable as it is an interactive PDF! Click here to check it out.

Activities include:

- Earth vocabulary words: includes themed vocabulary words (also goes hand in hand with the book)

- Earth Story: "I Can Save the World" by: Alison Inches (includes visuals)

- WH questions: 3 picture choices provided

- Planting a Flower: Sequences the steps needed to plant a flower - LOTS of visuals are added

- Counting seeds: counting seeds from numbers 1-10

- Reuse, Recycle, Reduce: Put your knowledge to use! Do you know the difference between the three?

Below is a video demonstrating what each activity will look like!

Don't forget to relax and take deep breathes. Everything will OKAY! Enjoy Earth Day!!


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