Who doesn't love free BOOM Cards?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

COVID-19 has completely pushed almost everyone out of their comfort zone. It's intimidating to learn a whole new way to do our job without being able to use the games and resources we are so comfortable with.

BOOM Cards have obviously become the popular go-to resource for teletherapy these past few weeks. I mean they are pretty amazing - they are low prep, paperless, self-checking, work perfectly with most virtual platforms and they keep kids engaged. If you're still not convinced, we have compiled our top favorite, oh and did we mention free, BOOM Cards you should download.

In no particular order:

1. Shape Task Cards by Speech Your Mind

This activity is perfect if your student now needs to carryover over their knowledge of shapes and relate it to pictured objects. Not only does this resource use real photos but it also scaffolds the activity nicely. It contains four difficulty levels targeting both expressive and receptive language skills.

2. Sentence Scramble BOOM Cards™️ Speech Therapy Distance Learning by Allison Fors

These BOOM cards are great if you need to target syntax, grammar, or sequencing. This resource includes 20 sentences that need to be unscrambled! Sentences starts as low as 3 words and works all the way up to 6. The students will definitely stay engaged as they will need drag and drop the words in the correct order.

3. Compare and Contrast by Speechy Musings

This resource contains 15 different picture cards, each with two pictured items to compare and contrast using a Venn diagram. Jill was super excited when she found this resource for her elementary kiddos (she is in love with this resource created for the middle school students).

4. Jungle Themed BOOM Cards for Prevocalic R and R-Blends by Fun In Speech

This resource is giraffin' all my artic kiddos wild! These are interactive BOOM cards that target prevocalic R and R-blends. There are 4 different scenery cards, each containing 8 moveable jungle animals. Once the student moves the jungle animal to create their own visual scene, the artic word will appear. This activity can also target language skills such as, following directions and understanding spatial concepts.

5. Pronouns Freebie: He, She, They by Kristen Immicke

Again, we love that this resource includes real photos! These BOOM cards can be used to target the students understanding of basic pronouns. It also includes visuals to help the student practice putting together a simple sentence (i.e. He is sleeping.).

6. Free Sample Reading Comprehension Passages by The Teaching Mama

This resource contains four short stories and various 'wh' questions when provided visual choices. We fell more in love with this freebie when we found out passages include SOUND! This is perfect for those students who struggle with reading.

7. Beginning Sound Identification by Ashley Rossi

Build your students phonemic awareness skills using these BOOM cards! This freebie includes 20 cards that target identifying initial consonants in CVC words. We love the drag and drop feature of the letters to create a word.

We hope you fall in love with BOOM cards as much as we have! Honestly, we can see ourselves using more digital products even when we go back to school. It will definitely save some trees!

Do you have a favorite freebie?? We want to know so we can add it to our list!


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