Don't have enough time to make speech materials between balancing family life, work life, report writing, etc...? Premade sensory stakes are for you! They come 100% ready to use and delivered to your door! These sensory stakes are printed, cut, and laminated by us to help make your life easier! 


This product is a breakfast themed set of literacy sensory stakes designed to target decoding CVC words! These are meant to be used as activities corresponding with our Breakfast Sensory Tins found to encourage hands-on learning using multi-sensory input. This product includes 290 sensory stakes targeting the following syllable types:


Letters in Isolation

CVC Words

b/d Confusion


Initial Consonant Clusters

Final Consonant Clusters

Open/Closed Syllables


Have the kiddos practice writing the words in the coffee after each sensory stake is pulled! These stakes can target both encoding, decoding, handing writing, short vowel sorting, digraph sorting, cluster identification, and much more depending on how you structure the play scheme!


**Please note this product does contain non-sense words!! I have found that my kids are less likely to guess the word after seeing the first letter if I incorporate non-sense words into my lessons :)

Breakfast Sensory Stakes ~ CVC Set 1 ~ Pre-made


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